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Journalism faculty, grad students to present research at AEJMC Southeast Colloquium

Three faculty members and two students have had their research accepted for presentation at the AEJMC Southeast Colloquium in Columbia, South Carolina, in late March.

Professor Joe Bernt is coauthor of a paper entitled “Reconsidering Foundational Research Findings: Domestic, International, and Foreign News Content on ABC, CBS, and NBC from 1971 to 2007,” which was written with Katherine A. Bradshaw, James C. Foust, and Brian Krol, all of Bowling Green State University.

Assistant Professor Aimee Edmondson will present her research at the Media & Civil Rights History Symposium running concurrently with AEJMC Southeast. Edmondson’s paper, entitled "Charlotta Bass: The Black Editor Who Whipped the Klan," is a continuation of her research on the intersection of race and libel.

Professor Mike Sweeney will present his paper, entitled "Embed vs. Unilateral, 1904: A Case Study of Three Reporters in the Russo-Japanese War," as part of the History Division competition.

Sweeney’s paper examines the newspaper journalism of Lionel James of The Times of London, Stanley Washburn of the Chicago Daily News, and Hector Fuller of the Indianapolis News. All three covered the Russo-Japanese War by chartering boats to witness engagements from neutral waters off the coast of Korea and Manchuria. James became an accredited "embed," and submitted his stories to the review of a Japanese spy aboard his ship as a condition of his being allowed to travel without the interference of the Japanese navy. Washburn and Fuller became "unilaterals" (unaccredited journalists) risking their safety in order to report without Japanese assistance or oversight. The paper examines the quality of the journalism produced by each, as a basis of comparison to the work of embedded and unilaterals in America’s most recent wars.

Doctoral student Ashley Furrow will present “Gender and Racial Source Bias in Sports Illustrated Kids, 2000-2009,” in the Open Research Division. She will also present related research, “Advertising Images of Gender and Race Portrayed in Sports Illustrated Kids 2000-2009,” in a combined Magazine and Open Division research panel. Both papers originated from Furrow’s master’s thesis, which was completed at Ohio University in 2010.

Master’s student Evan Barton will present his research in the Law Division with a paper entitled, “Crushing Animals: The Latest Judicial Protections for Violence in the Media.”

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