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Srivastava co-authors health communication research

Assistant Professor Jatin Srivastava has co-authored an article relating to research on self-reported patient satisfaction and another on disparities in health care utilization. A third article is forthcoming in the Journal of Health Communication.

In the patient satisfaction study, researchers utilized data from a national, validated, Web-based survey of 7,938 anonymous patients who rated their physicians according to satisfaction with treatment during their most recent outpatient visits.

* Patel, I., Chang, J., Srivastava, J., Feldman, S., Levender, M., Balkrishnan, R. (2011). Patient Satisfaction with obstetricians and gynecologists compared with other specialties: analysis of US self-reported survey data. Patient Related Outcome Measure. 2, 21-26.

* Chang, J., Patel, I., Liu, S.T., Ortega, A.N., Srivastava, J., Park, Y.S., Kirk, S., & Balkrishnan, R. (2011). Disparities in health care utilization among Latino children suffering from asthma in California. Pediatric Health, Medicine, and Therapeutics. 2, 1-8.

* David, P., Henry, A., Srivastava, J., Orcena, J., & Thrush, J. (Accepted for publication). Encouraging Teachers to Promote Cover-the-Cough in Schools: A Tailored Multimedia Intervention. Journal of Health Communication

Srivastava joined the faculty in 2010.

For additional info contact Jatin Srivastava at 740.593.2675 or visit

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