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Wagner to present findings of advertising study at AAA

Assistant Professor Carson Wagner will present a paper, along with his co-author Caroline Johnson, an HTC undergraduate student in Business, at the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Annual Conference in Mesa, Arizona in April.

Carson and Johnson examined music’s effect on viewers’ implicit and explicit brand attitudes in advertising for their article, entitled, "I’ve Got You Under My Skin: Differential Implicit and Explicit Attitude Responses to Music in Advertising."

They conducted an experiment using, showing participants three commercials with music playing or with the sound muted. Participants took an Implicit Association Test to measure implicit brand attitudes, as well as a self-report explicit attitude measure. Results show that while individuals reported they disliked more when they saw the commercials with music, the implicit attitude results showed that participants held higher brand attitudes when the commercials played with music.

The paper will be published in the upcoming conference proceedings.

For additional info contact Carson Wagner at 740.593.9808

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Posted by Bob Stewart on 03.20.2011 @ 00:00:00