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Bishop launches new web magazine

Bojinka Bishop, academic adviser and former Sloan Professor of Public Relations at the JSchool, is publishing a new web magazine for "solos."

Flying High Solo (, which launched Feb. 15, highlights people, places, and things relevant to the solo lifestyle. The first edition features a solo’s trip to Peru and how it changed her life, how the single act of saving a plant led to one solo’s life of activism, the new field of personal coaching, places to hike, hints on healthful eating and green living, recipes, and more.

“More people in the U.S. live alone than ever before, more than 32 million,” Bishop said. “And according to experts, adults will spend more of their lives on their own than married. Yet singles and solos live under this cloud of belief that the right way to live in society is to be coupled. And we sometimes feel like second-class citizens. Flying High Solo is my attempt to lift the cloud, inform, inspire, and strengthen the sense of community for solos. Indeed, we are not going it alone.”

Bishop plans to update the site with feature articles every other week to begin, and with smaller news stories each week. She said reader comments on the articles also will serve to update the information and enhance the sense of community.

Flying High Solo accepts submissions. Writers may visit for submission guidelines.

For additional info contact Bojinka Bishop or visit

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Posted by Bob Stewart on 02.16.2012 @ 00:00:00