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Prof. Greenwald releases biography, Pauline Frederick Reporting, New Years Day

The December issue of Fortune Magazine listed Prof. Marilyn Greenwald’s forthcoming biography of journalist Pauline Frederick as a "Book to Watch in 2015."

"Pauline Frederick Reporting: A Pioneer Broadcaster Covers the Cold War," is the story of an individual who pioneered the role of women on the airwaves. The biography is set to be released New Year’s Day in conjunction with Potomac Publishing.

The project started upon receipt of grant money Greenwald received from the Ohio University Research Committee (OURC) for her project, Paying Her Dues: Pauline Frederick and Her Struggles in Television News. The grant allowed Greenwald to pursue research on "the first female network television reporter."

Frederick passed away May 9, 1990 after 9 years of retirement and 51 years in the field of journalism. Through the work of Prof. Greenwald, herself a former business reporter for The Columbus Dispatch, her legacy will live on.

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Posted by Chad Weisman on 03.30.2015 @ 00:00:00