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A dozen appearances: Dan Farkas banner year

Dan Farkas, a lecturer currently serving the Scripps School of Journalism, has spoken or been quoted in the following contexts since August 2013:

  1. Selected to speak at a national conference of solo PR professionals. Traveled to Atlanta to speak on how solo professionals can implement multimedia storytelling tactics in their practice.
  2. The Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) invited Farkas to speak on social storytelling during its annual conference in Orlando.
  3. Appeared on The Joel Riley Show, a morning drive radio broadcast on WTVNa news talk station in Columbusto talk about a variety of issues related to modern media.

  4. Guest blogged for Geben Communications’ President Heather Whaling, whose blog has earned national recognition in recent months.
  5. Interviewed in Tech Republic for an article on Katherine Heigl’s lawsuit against a company that tweeted a photo of the actress in their store. Spoke on the legal liability of tweets and how brands need to better work wit legal departments prior to producing content.
  6. Was quoted in an article explaining why CEOs need to become brand evangelists online and how this engagement can boost sales.
  7. Featured on blog on the subject of interviewing and message point development.
  8. Quoted in The Street, a financial news provider created by Jim Cramer of Mad Money. Spoke on how social media profiles can help in the job-hunting process, both for job-seekers and HR departments scouting potential candidates.
  9.’s insurance blog asked for feedback on how social media use can get brands sued.
  10. Green Bay Press Gazette and Post Crescent Media quoted Farkas in an article examining the role of consumers in conducting research prior to sharing social content. This involved a kidnapping hoax that went viral in Wisconsin.
  11. Farkas also wrote an Op Ed for CommPro, a national business resource, on the need for big data and communications to get along.
  12. Finally, Farkas created content for Ampervize, an Austrilian startup linking businesses with communication needs.

For additional info contact Chad Weisman at 440.465.2683

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Posted by Chad Weisman on 12.22.2014 @ 00:00:00