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Audience Feedback in the News Media: New text by Prof. Reader to hit shelves in Feb.

Prof. Bill Reader is no stranger to audience feedback, having served as a "letters to the editor" editor for The Centre Daily Times, in State College, PA.

His most recent endeavor is a reflection of years as a leading scholar in audience feedback research. The texts attempts to provide a comprehensive history of the dialectical nature of audience feedback in a variety of communication realms, from as early as the 16th century.

A description from Routledge, a publisher of academic books and journals notes the following:

"In addition to tracing the historical development of audience feedback, the book considers how news media has changed its approach to accommodating audience participation, and explores how audience feedback can serve the needs of both individuals and collectives in democratic society."

In the presiding era of converged communication, a thorough understanding of audience feedbackand the many ways by which it can be quantifiedis critical to informed engagement with consumers.

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Posted by Chad Weisman on 12.18.2014 @ 00:00:00