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Isaac Noland’s multidimensional gaming projects

Grad student Isaac Nolands video game research has both long-reaching and short-term implications, as he looks at both the history of gaming and the economics of the present-day digital videogame marketplace.

His focus is on competitive gaming. Among the projects he is composing is a history of the origins of competitive video games, and one of the activitys incarnations, as a spectator sport.

Im examining specifically the late 90s, when the first league of professional gaming was formed and tournaments were being held with audiences.

Isaac decided to examine the framing of these tournaments in terms of the organizations [attempts] to create a sense of legitimacy for the eSports movement. He is further concerned with, how news coverage framed the movement.

Fast-forwarding to the present moment of online competitive gaming, Noland has decided to examine the factors that draw gamers to observing video game participation in a competitive environment.

Additionally, Isaac is composing an economics case study to examine the effects of networked gaming on the health of the industry and on the longevity of individual games.

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