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Prof. Elizabeth Hendrickson contributes chapter to Magazine Research textbook

The Routledge Handbook of Magazine Research: The Future of the Magazine Form, is slated for publication in Summer 2015. The project is a collaborative endeavor involving the vanguard of innovators in the field today.

Among the 39 authors is Prof. Elizabeth Hendrickson, a Scripps professor who contributed one of the textbooks 33 chapters, Autobiography and Biography: Lives Well Lived in the Magazine World.

The chapter considers scholarly studies that focus on individuals whose professional contribution, taken as a whole, made magazines what they are today.

In light of the feature-oriented nature of the profession, the minds that make magazine journalism are, in many respects, as important as the output they produce.

Hendrickson, as well as textbook co-editors David Abrahamson (of Northwestern Universitys Medill School) and Marcia Prior-Miller (of Iowa State Universitys Greenlee School of Journalism) agreed that encouraging this facet of magazine research would be crucial to enriching the body of material on the subject.

According to Prof. Hendrickson, the textbook surveys the last 20 to 25 years of scholarship on magazine journalism, and is broken into six sections: methodologies and structures; magazine publishing; magazines as textual communication; magazines as visual communication; the future of the magazine form; and pedagogical and curricular perspectives.

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Posted by Chad Weisman on 03.25.2015 @ 00:00:00