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Communications and External Relations Office Internship opening at NASA

Communications and External Relations Office

Opportunity Type: Internship

Opportunity Description/Objective (specific student assignment): Assist in development and coordination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Outreach activities to advance the efforts of the Glenn Research Center and NASA to raise awareness and encourage participation in the 2017 solar eclipse. The student will develop communications products to improve the general public’s understanding of the eclipse and the scientific knowledge NASA will acquire from the study of this event. The student may also assist the development of outreach products that will encourage the participation of educators and informal educators in the NASA Glenn Office of Education’s training programs related to the eclipse.

Expected opportunity outcome (i.e. research, final report, poster presentation, etc.): The student will complete a comprehensive communications plan, associated communications products, and a after-action/lessons learned report to document NASA Glenn’s communications and external relations efforts in support of the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Student’s Computer and/or Special Skills: The student should be knowledgeable in the use of Microsoft Office suite of programs, especially Word and PowerPoint. Practical experience using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as working knowledge of Associated Press Style Guide is desired.

Comments: The student must be 18+ and may be required to travel outside the Cleveland area, in support of STEM Outreach activities, on an occasional basis.

Session and Student Info

Summer 2017

Desired student academic level(s) at the time the opportunity would begin: (Note: Freshman-Senior refer to college students, not high school) College - Junior

Academic discipline(s) that interested students should be studying: Business - Public Affairs

Work Site Location:NASA Center/Facility Name:

Glenn Research Center (GRC) - OR - Non-NASA Facility

Mailing Address: 21000 Brookpark Road

City / State: Cleveland, Ohio

Zip code: 44135 +4 3191

Building Number/Name & Room Number : 3 / 5

Work Environment: Field Work Office Setting

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