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’90 Minutes’ lineup for spring semester

The new “90 Minutes” series was developed to create discussions on politics, racism, sexism and global topics on campus. The purpose is to expose students to people who have faced or seen adversity, bigotry and discrimination, but have stepped up to address those social and cultural wrongs. As the series continues next semester, the hope is for students to gain a heightened sense of awareness of social justice issues.

Past Speakers

Lisa Maatz - Jan. 25

Lisa Maatz, vice president for Government Relations at American Association of University Women, understands what the 2016 presidential election means for women in America. Maatz, an OU alumna in sociology and political science, brought her perspective to OHIO about what the new political climate on race and gender might look like in the Trump era.

Darrell Dawsey - Feb. 1

Dawsey, a Detroit native, is a blunt-talking journalist and one of the most thoughtful critics of American politics. Dawsey brought an urban male’s perspective to the problems that African Americans face today. His particular focus was the current political climate’s effect on black males, the subject of his book “Living to Tell About It: Young Black Men in America Speak.”

Nick Creegan and Justin Walters - Feb. 8

Nick Creegan and Justin Walters are rising talents in sports journalism. Both work in the world’s toughest and most demanding media market — New York City.Walter returned to Ohio University to share his thoughts on the business and to offer tips on how aspiring journalists can break into it.

“The Escape of Jane” - Feb. 15

Playwright Patricia Thomas produced a thought-provoking, one-woman recreation of a slave’s escape through Southeast Ohio on the Underground Railroad. Her performance concluded with a discussion about slavery and about how this “peculiar institution” shapes race and politics in America even today.

Sekou Smith - Feb. 22

Sekou Smith has made a steady rise through the journalism ranks since his first days as a sportswriter. Having covered the NBA now for more than a decade, he’s become a voice of authority. But Smith has been more than an NBA expert; he’s been an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists. Smith shared his thoughts about the profession and the NBA.

Upcoming Speakers

March 1 - Coley Harvey (ESPN reporter)

March 8 - Daisy Hernandez (Feminist, journalist, educator)

March 22 - No Más Bebés Documentary

A documentary telling the story of immigrant mothers who were pushed into sterilizations while giving birth at the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center during the 1960s and 70s

April 5 - Max McDoulin

90 Minutes Series emcee discussing the end of the series.

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