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Forest Service seeking Public Relations Intern


Position Description:

This internship will provide exposure to the Forest Service, and provide advance training in the application of outreach principles and practices. The intern will assist specialists in projects to become familiar with laws, policies, and regulations in the targeted specialized series. They will also receive formal and on-the job training in planning, organizing, and executing information, external relations, public involvement, and environmental education activities on the unit to develop experience in various phases of public affairs, partnerships and volunteer services. The position will begin in early August, and continue full-time for 52 weeks.

Major duties will include, but not limited to:
-Prepare information releases for the press, radio, schools concerning the mission, programs, and activities of the Forest Service.
-Draft pamphlets, brochures, booklets, etc., and as directed, arranges for printing.
-Prepare audio-visual programs, according to instructions, for both specific presentations and for broad repeated use.
-Assist in the development of documents and reports for various special use permits, assessment reports and project proposals for the supervisor’s review.
-Process applications and conduct site visits to inform reports and proposals.
-Use a variety of communications tools to share information with the public regarding special use permits.
-Work with local volunteers and non-profit groups to engage in community involvement and delivery of recreation programs and activities.
-Establish and maintain lists of interested Forest Service stakeholders for partnership efforts and event planning.
-Work with non-profit groups and forest leadership to assist in grants and agreement opportunities.

Desired knowledge, skills or abilities:
-Public Relations, Business Administration, Communications degree
-Basic knowledge of written and oral communication principles, techniques and methods; analytical methods; and interpersonal relations practices in order to apply the skill to recurring and precedent assignments.
-Communications skills sufficient to explain and gather information.
-Ability to write and edit news, features, and quasi-technical articles.
-Ability to perform duties in an office setting, as well as, field assignments which may result in exposure to hazards associated with foot travel to remote forested area.
-Experience working on projects which entail interpreting laws, regulations, policies or procedures under the guidance of others.
-Demonstrated ability to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of laws and government policies.
-Interpersonal communication, public speaking and/or customer service experience with an emphasis on partnership and stakeholder engagement.
-Experience writing reports and creating and coordinating presentations using various software programs such as PowerPoint, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and AdobeConnect, etc

Location: Wayne National Forest (Nelsonville, OH)

Compensation: $12/hour

Prior to starting this position, a government security background clearance will be required.

Questions? Email Eboni Preston at

For additional info contact Eboni Preston or visit

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