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Scripps seeking Meteorologist MMJ -- Multimedia Journalist/Storyteller

STOP! -- This is not your normal Meteorologist position.

This position is NOT at a TV station -- it’s at a startup operating under the E.W. Scripps umbrella in Fort Myers. So what does *that* mean?

As part of our hiring process we want you to show off your unique weather forecast capabilities. Along with your resume, you’ll need to send us a link to a video that meets these standards:
-Forecasting not done in front of a green screen (We’re not looking for perfect quality, we’re looking for weather storytelling ability, personality and passion!)
-A video of you pushing the boundaries! (We’re not looking for a traditional format. Make sure you’re showcasing your ability to think outside the box and break the mold!)
-Any video that shows you know how to do more than list off temperatures that are readily available on someone’s smartphone. Show us how you can take weather to the next level!
-We’ll review your video application to gauge your ability to engage an audience. If you’re asked to join our team, that’ll be a key component of your job! So please don’t send us a demo reel with your best standup -- show us how you can be counted on to push the limits, experiment, and use your creativity to help us discover how to use today’s mediums to connect to a local audience.

As a member of our highly collaborative team, you’ll be utilizing your expertise with digital, video and TV to define new ways of experiencing all that is news. You’ll be more than a Meteorologist standing in front of a green screen -- you’ll be a member of the community focused on finding your voice and the stories that the community is most interested in.

Weather today no longer means standing in a studio telling people the temperatures that they can look up themselves on their smartphone. It means getting out into the world, meeting the people, and telling the weather from their perspective. It also means acknowledging that sometimes in Florida, the weather isn’t a concern! And on days when it isn’t, you’ll be looking for other ways to connect to your audience through the environment and weather science rather than searching for ways to find something to talk about to fill time.

Below is your standard job description -- but remember, this job will be anything BUT standard! You’ll need to be comfortable in an organization that’s growing and learning as we grow!

Key activities
-Receives or defines assignment or evaluates leads and tips to develop story ideas.
-Strong desire for experimentation
-Gathers and verifies factual information regarding stories through experience, interview, observation, and research.
-Organizes material and creates story according to prescribed editorial style and format standards.
-Shoots video and still photos to illustrate stories.
-Edits, or assists in editing, videos for all multimedia platforms.
-May appear in video as part of storytelling, when conducting taped interview or in narration
-May give live from site of event or in the course of exploring a story more immersively
-Works collaboratively with other staff, as assigned
-Report, write, capture visual content, edit and produce stories for multiple platforms on deadline, such as Internet and digital channels.
-Determine and create ways to enhance content through interactive animations, components, maps, graphics, and photos
-Assists in the planning of story coverage as part of editorial process with a focus on increasing audience engagement
-Other duties as needed and as directed by manager

Education & Experience/Certifications
-Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent years of experience
-Minimum of two years of experience in journalism, marketing, video, social media, sales or production preferred

Skills & Abilities
-Computer literacy required.
-Videography and non-linear editing experience preferred.
-Knowledge of camera equipment.
-Edit video on Final Cut Pro editing systems, or similar equipment.
-Strong creative writing skills.
-Proficient at posting content to various websites.
-Self-motivated and able to work in a fast-paced deadline-driven environment.
-Multi-tasker with excellent time management skills who can perform well under deadlines
-Openness to ambiguity
-Desire to create new ways of doing things and to identify creative opportunities.
-Drive to create high quality content.
-Excellent communication skills and ability to work with others
-Additional software skills -- the Adobe Suite, for example -- and social media skills welcomed

Work environment
-Valid Driver’s License, good driving record and provide certificate of insurability with company required insurance limits.
-Must be able to lift 40 pounds.

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