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Content Developer Internship - EssentialHuman

Content Developer Internship

Objective/Purpose - EssentialHuman is a magazine-styled blog that wIll launch in the coming months; a brand that will help humans be better humans through 3 basic functions: loving yourself (focusing on your inner world), thinking of and interacting effectively with others (focusing on your outer world), and connecting with nature (focusing on the larger picture). We will aim to help them live an intentional life, leading to the ability to thrive and create rather than to cope and destruct. There is also a children’s component (for teachers and parents) so an interest in education is great.

Description - I would like to have about 50-75 high quality articles of 800-1,500 words in a style similar to Yes Magazine or ThriveGlobal. Content Writers may write as many articles out of these 50-75 as they would like and on any topic (except political) in relation to the general themes of EssentialHuman.

Functional Responsibilities:
-Conceptualize article theme/title or choose from options via shared GoogleDoc
- Get approval of theme and title from Molly
- Conduct any research necessary
- Write article
- Work with Molly on editing and perfecting including SEO, photo selection or creation, etc.

- Flexibility
- Initiative
- Effective and straightforward communication with other
- The ability to work as part of a team as well as independently
- Creativity
- A mentality of helping and educating others, making a difference through actionable work
-Research skills including generalization & application

Communication & Relationships:

Writers will be working closely with Molly, through the use of shared docs, chat sessions, and possibly google hangouts or skype sessions, to co-create content that is geared toward helping humans become better humans. The nature of the “co-creation” and communication may change as needed. This may include purposeful discussions on the topics at hand, writers working with each other to produce the content, or even the development of specific roles such as Researcher, Writer, Editor, etc. Flexibility and communication will be key.

Salary- Once the site starts making money, there would be the possibility of long-term paid work. Writers have full permission to use the articles for a portfolio or link back to a personal site for more exposure.

If you are interested in perfecting your content game, building authority, or just enjoy writing in your free time, please contact at

Email instructions:

Subject line

Content should include a brief description of yourself, your experience, and why you think you would be a good fit for the project. Also include general availability over the coming months.

I will be in touch within a week after your email submission to set up a call/skype session to chat.

Thank you for your interest!

For additional info contact Molly Morris

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