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Rainmaker, Inc. seeking multimedia specialist

Rainmaker, Inc., Charleston’s premiere advertising and political consulting firm, is hiring a Multimedia Specialist. Job requirements include:

- Must have experience in photography, video filming and in post production.

- Overseeing all technical aspects of video production: Camera operations, audio capture, and light selection and shaping. Operate crane and dolly equipment.

- Executing post-production responsibilities including non-linear editing in Adobe Premiere Pro or similar suite, enhance and edit audio, create animations in Adobe After Effects, or similar suite.

- Understanding and executing video output to meet standards for television broadcast, and modern web and mobile applications.

- Providing still photography in both indoor studio and outdoor settings.

- Understanding off camera lighting and light shaping for both indoor and outdoor applications.

- Editing and enhancing photographs in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, or similar suites.

The ideal candidate also has the ability to create website on various platforms; Create digital content such as pre-roll and digital gif ads; is proficient in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign; Has thorough knowledge of social media and is comfortable with working on progressive and liberal social causes and issues.

Please forward resume to

For additional info contact Bridget Melton

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