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The Athletic Seeking Interns

Message from Jon Greenberg, Editor and Writer at The Athletic:

Almost 15 years after graduating from Ohio University, I took the journalism chance of a lifetime, and it came months after the low point of my career.

Not long after getting my contract option declined by ESPN, I was contacted to start a new sports website that existed as an idea. Nearly two years later, The Athletic has taken the sports media world by storm. We’re not done growing yet.

We’re offering internships at our local sites and at our San Francisco office this spring and summer and I invite all Scripps students to apply through our website.

We’re looking for experienced writers, editors and/or visual journalists that have experience covering college or professional teams. If you’re a strong writer, perfect. If you have an analytical focus on a sport, even better. We’re looking for journalists who stand out from the pack. Because we’re a subscription-based website, we’re not interested in quick-hitters or basic game stories.

Use the website above for your application and include links to three or four stories (don’t make them game stories unless it’s best game story ever written) in the same document as your cover letter.

For additional info or visit

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