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KOAT-TV seeking Part-Time Meterologist

Meteorologist (Part-Time)


KOAT-TV has an opening for a high energy, highly skilled meteorologist. We are looking for a meteorologist who knows the science, but can tell a relatable weather story. Our next meteorologist will be an accurate forecaster, keep our viewers and employees safe, convey appropriate tone, summarize complicated information, and stay cool under pressure.

Job Responsibilities:

Get our viewers ready with accurate, compelling, and understandable weather forecasts.

Will provide urgent, immediate weather information before and during severe weather events

Will be able to simultaneously provide content on TV, for our radio partners, and on our digital platforms.

Will utilize all the technology and tools available to us, to tell an intriguing weather story

Will be deployed in the field during weather events

Gather information

Summarize fact and clearly communicate content for broadcast

Experience Requirements:

· Previous on-air experience required.

Qualifications Requirements:

· In-depth knowledge of weather science and forecasting.

· Proven on-air experience in handling breaking news and severe weather coverage

· Dynamic on-air presence with a conversational weather presentation

· Knowledgeable about how to interpret and translate high powered radar data

· Proficient in using WSI graphics and technology

· Excellent forecasting and on-air skills

· Strong organizational skills

· Ability to tell a compelling weather story

· Ability to use common television weather systems.

· Radar experience preferred

· Ability to do live field reporting on weather and other topics.


· Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology or related field

· CBM and/or AMS seal preferred

· Military training and experience will be considered

Vacancy Type: Part Time

Closing Date: 8/17/2019

City: Albuquerque, New Mexico



Please visit to apply. EOE

Apply Online URL:

For additional info visit

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