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A note from our director

Robert Stewart

Robert Stewart, Director. Photo by Eli Hiller.

(October 28, 2015) — It’s been a few years since we sent you a print version of Ohio Journalist. Let’s get you caught up on some of the highlights from recent years.

Since OJ last went to press, we’ve sent students abroad on World Cup-related programs – seven students to Brazil and eleven to Europe; begun hosting Jerry Sloan Visiting Professionals in Public Relations; switched to semesters; and yes, moved out of Scripps Hall.

Much has been written and even more said about our transition to semesters, our new curriculum and our move into a now refurbished “Old Baker Center” – the Schoonover Center for Communication. I still hear the occasional alumnus moaning about our move from Scripps Hall, as if we were being evicted and thrown out onto the Court Street curb.

When I joined the faculty in 1987, the journalism school had just moved into Scripps Hall. For many of us, it hadn’t lost much of its luster in the quarter century we occupied it. Even so, Scripps Hall was an island. The same could be said for just about all of the schools in the College of Communication. The only difference was that Scripps Hall was rather posh, which no doubt fostered feelings of pride among students, faculty and alumni of the school.

I am enormously proud of the school, including its history, our current students, faculty and alumni. We share an important bond in being associated with the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. But I believe our students and faculty will benefit from working with other students and faculty across the Scripps College of Communication. Our move into the Schoonover Center for Communication is helping us realize these benefits in meaningful, important ways. Frankly speaking, the times call for such integration. Or rather, re-integration.

Until the school moved into Lasher Hall in the mid-1970s and into Scripps Hall in 1986, we were housed in buildings with other departments and programs – some related to communication, some not. Going it alone in Lasher and later Scripps Hall was fine for those times. Now, the faculty are looking to a future that is more in touch with colleagues from all the other schools in our college. This wouldn’t be possible without the move to Schoonover.

Scripps Hall will always have many special memories. To remind us of the justifiable pride we all have felt in our Scripps Hall “home,” we’ve hung a panoramic photo of the building and adjoining amphitheater in the entryway to our new second-floor suite in the Schoonover Center. And we’ll continue teaching in Scripps Hall for many decades to come. In fact, the former home of the school is getting a serious cosmetic make-over this year, to restore its glory that had begun to fade beginning in the mid-2000s.

Also, we’ve been trying to sort out how best to communicate with alumni, primarily using social media – including a YouTube channel (scrippsjschool) with 400+ videos, Facebook (scrippsjournalism) and Twitter (scrippsjschool) outlets, and a LinkedIn page run by our Society of Alumni and Friends, plus a recently redesigned, mobile-friendly website. Recent editions of this publication have been published “online-only,” available at scrippsjschool.org/ohiojournalist.. But we know that many of you have missed receiving print editions of Ohio Journalist, so we very much hope you enjoy this latest publication.

We’ve also been hard at work scanning and indexing articles appearing in previous Ohio Journalist editions or its predecessor publication, The JournAlumnus. We have the late Professor Emeritus Don Lambert to thank for maintaining a set of publications (except for the 1977-78 edition, which we hope will turn up in his papers). And we can thank Sharon Nickels in the main office and Jason DePeel (Debbie’s son) for all of the scanning. Recent graduate Julie Kallenborn indexed every individual named in a story and every byline on stories dating back to 1970. You can read more about her in the pages of this edition.

Back to the matter of print issues of this publication. Given the cost of printing and mailing Ohio Journalist, we plan to follow an every-other-year schedule for the hardcopy edition. In the meantime, we’ll tweet every day, post on our Facebook wall, and create YouTube videos to keep you informed. And don’t be shy about communicating with me about story ideas you’d like to suggest for upcoming issues. And I hope you enjoy reading this edition of Ohio Journalist.

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