Ohio Journalist

Name, Tag, Learn

By Rachel Sheehy

(December 1, 2015) — Like many publications, Ohio Journalist went from being a print-only version to being on the web. The alumni magazine has been archived online for a while, but thanks to one recent graduate, it now is possible to find any article with a specific graduate’s name in it just with the click of a button.

Julie Kallenborn, who graduated in December 2013 with a double major in broadcast journalism and psychology, spent more than a year and a half going through articles published in Ohio Journalist and an earlier publication to find the names of everyone mentioned in each article. Reading the articles, sometimes more than once, to find all the names and cross check for nicknames or other aliases took a lot of time.

It turns out there are a lot of names – 4,530 to be exact.

To some people, this might sound like a boring job. But Kallenborn is not one of those people. In fact, she became obsessed with the project as soon as she began working on it in September 2012. She was able to finish indexing the names in December 2013 — “just in time,”in her opinion.

The project was more than a job to her. It became a learning experience and a window into the history of Scripps. She relived the ups and downs of the many alumni who came before her. She got to experience Scripps history in “real time” instead of just reading an article about someone who long ago passed through the halls of Scripps.

The Ohio Journalist website now has almost every article written and published for the past 40 years. By indexing every name, Kallenborn developed a deeper appreciation of a school that she already loved. The names of alumni she never met are now people she feels like she knows, thanks to the stories she read about them.

At one point, Kallenborn even came face to face with some people she had “met” through her reading. This,she said, left her starstruck.

“One of the coolest moments was when I spoke with Ralph Izard and Guido Stempel. I was helping to pack up the Scripps building during the move to Schoonover. They came into the office and asked for boxes. I could barely speak,” Kallenborn said. “Here were these men, two extremely important men in the history of Scripps, who I had tagged in about a gazillion articles, standing right in front of me. I really couldn’t believe it.”

A Cleveland-area native, Kallenborn is now in graduate school to become a clinical psychologist. Starting last fall, she has been going to Cleveland State to work on her master’s degree in clinical counseling.

“I am specifically interested in how people make meaning in their lives, and I hope to one day study this in a Ph.D. program,” she said. “Eventually, besides having a private practice, I would like to use my psychology background to have a talk show or be a motivational speaker.”

Although she claims to have only played a small part in the organization of the Ohio Journalist project she worked on, it has left its mark on Kallenborn. She will be carrying that passion she has for Scripps on with her into the “real world,” always continuing to learn about people and the world.

“One thing to note is that this project was truly expansive in nature, and my part in it was just that: a part, a building block,” she said. “The most exciting part of it all is that this website can continue to grow and can work to connect present and past alumni. I know it has done this for me, and I am grateful that I had this opportunity.”

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