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Scripps Decks its Halls with Vows of Glory

By Nathan Gordan | Photos by Eli Hiller

(December 1, 2015) — When you walk into the new Schoonover Center for Communication, seeing any resemblance to the old Baker Center can be quite difficult. Even with the new look, however, the retired professor who heads up the Schoonover building project, Tom Daniels, can still tell you about that area of old Baker. Daniels is able to make those comparisons as soon as he walks through the front door into the lobby, pointing out that the east lobby used to be the Frontier Room.

Most of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism faculty had offices in either Scripps Hall or the Sing Tao Center. Now every journalism faculty member’s office has moved across campus to the second floor of the Schoonover Center. The faculty members seemed to have embraced their new workspace despite some initial worries.

“There was some concern among faculty that the offices were going to be smaller, and my office is much smaller than the one I was in before,” Associate Professor Hugh Martin said. However, Martin is happy with the new space. “The size feels very comfortable to me, and I feel very at home here already,” Martin said.

Associate Professor Hans Meyer agreed with Martin about the new space, so much so that he’s done something in his new office that he hasn’t done before. “I was in my other office for four years, and I never actually hung all my things up on the wall,” said Meyer. “For this one, I made it a point to get everything up, get settled in and it felt good.” Meyer is even a fan of the walk he now has to make to his classes. With classes still being held in Scripps Hall, professors trek back and forth between Schoonover and their former home.

Meyer said the walk is refreshing but will still take some getting used to. “The only challenge for me is I’ve been late to class more often, unfortunately, because I forget that I have to walk over there,” Meyer admits.

Associate Professor Ellen Gerl said she loves the new building and her new office. “The only negative is the labyrinth of hallways makes it a little harder to run into faculty, friends and colleagues in our department,” said Gerl, whereas the way that the Scripps offices all dumped out in the hallway, we bumped into people more often.”

Bob Stewart, the director of the school of journalism, is also enjoying the new Schoonover building. The conference room, named for donors Pat and Smith Schuneman, has a spectacular view of the College Gate, as does his new office – which he admits is “probably the best on the entire campus.” But the Schoonover move isn’t complete yet, according to Stewart. Classes aren’t held there and three of the schools in the college haven’t made the move yet. “But I’m getting a vision of what it’s going to be like, and I’m getting excited about that,” Stewart said.

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