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BY Danielle Hale | Photos by Eli Hiller

(December 1, 2015) — This statement rings true for most journalism school students and alums. For those who find it hard to accept when our time in Athens comes to an end, the Scripps Society of Alumni and Friends (SAF) offers the opportunity to return to Athens to help current students and visit campus spots they miss the most.

All graduates of Scripps are automatically members of SAF. The organization is dedicated to enhancing relationships among alumni, faculty, staff and students, by functioning as a liaison.

The major annual event for SAF is Senior Saturday, which provides seniors with advice, tips and other valuable information from alumni. The day is focused on helping soon-to-be-graduates get a job and succeed during the first year on the job.

“Senior Saturday is important because it provides students the opportunity to better understand how to stand out from the competition to land their first job and how to excel early in their career,” Carolyn LaWell, Senior Saturday co-chairperson said.

Senior Saturday is also beneficial to alumni because they are given the opportunity to stay up to date with what is happening within the school.

“It’s good to see what is going on at the school, to see how hard the professors are working to keep up Scripps’ excellent reputation,” Rachael Larimore, managing editor at Slate and recent SAF president, said.

Students attending Senior Saturday are given the opportunity to ask any questions they want and get as much advice from the alumni as possible. This event allows students to get feedback they can apply to searching for a job.

“I think it is important so that students can hear from people in the field about what is important in getting a job and how to get a job rather than just guessing,” senior Kelly Doran said.

Because there are many fears associated with graduation and applying for jobs, Senior Saturday tries to help eliminate some of those concerns.

“I’ve found it rewarding to give back to Scripps and help students quell some of the anxiety they may have about graduating,” LaWell said.

Students leave the event with more knowledge about how to prepare for the future and possibly with new relationships.

“I think the day was important in making connections with editors and getting practice in talking to people and networking,” senior Colleen Kratofil said.

Alumni are encouraged to become active members of SAF in any way they can.

“The best thing is for alumni to reach out to us. We can consider them for Senior Saturday or pass their name along to professors who are looking for alumni to speak to classes,” Larimore said.

Alumni can become involved by reaching out through Facebook at www.facebook.com/ScrippsSAF or Twitter at twitter.com/SAF_OU, or by contacting Larimore directly at rachael.larimore@gmail.com.

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