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From Being the Fan to Writing for Fans

By Mark Kors

(December 1, 2015) — Ohio University alumnus Will Frasure grew up in the baseball-rabid city of Cincinnati. In fact, one of his fondest memories as a child was attending Game 1 of the National League Championship Series between the Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves in 1995.

Baseball has always been huge for me,” Frasure said. “I feel like it is almost impossible not to fall in love with the sport if you grow up in Cincinnati. Like so many other kids, tossing in the backyard with my dad is one of the best memories of growing up, and my dad instilled in me to love the sport and the Reds.”

Frasure, now a social media coordinator for Major League Baseball, was a former assistant sports editor at The Post in 2011. While Frasure was an avid football fan in college, he was inspired to turn his love of America’s pastime into a career when he interned with the Southern Ohio Copperheads of the Great Lakes Collegiate Summer League in 2010.

“I always had a love for baseball, which is why I loved interning with the Copperheads during one of the summers at OU,” Frasure said. “That really inspired me to go after a position in baseball. I got to sit on the bus on road trips and got really close to the players. It was an incredible experience.”

Following graduation, Frasure interned with USA Football, the U.S. Olympic Committee and Major League Baseball. Frasure then got an opportunity he couldn’t pass up: He was hired in 2012 to work for the Reds as a media relations intern. There, he compiled statistics and game recaps, and assisted in producing the 2013 Cincinnati Reds Media Guide.

“It was incredible, to say the least,” Frasure said. “I got to meet and get to know guys like Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips — guys I had been huge fans of in college — and I got a behind-the-scenes look at how everything runs in the Reds organization.”

After interning with Sports Illustrated, Frasure joined MLB full time in 2013, where he acts as a jack-of-all-trades to further communication efforts for the league. His duties include handling the league’s social media requests and providing content for the teams’ social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The MLB social media team strives to provide followers with great detail of games, whether it is statistics or video highlights. To engage followers, Frasure said he tries to sound like a fan.

“Honestly, [the platform] changes so much,” Frasure said. “But at the heart of it, it comes down to who is able to connect the best with their fans, either through the voice of the accounts or the behind-the-scenes content they provide.”

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