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May LaForce be With You

By Cassie Kelly

(December 1, 2015) — Allie LaForce is more entertaining to watch than any game on right now. #MarchMadness,” tweeted notorious college-news based account @CollegeTownLife.

Quite literally, LaForce is a force to be reckoned with.

Since her appearance a year ago as a sideline reporter during March Madness, LaForce’s popularity has escalated dramatically, leaving in her wake a legacy of killer hair and dynamic reporting skills.

As the first from Ohio to win the Miss Teen USA title for Ohio in 2005, LaForce was clearly ready to become a national sensation, and she knew the place to do this was at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Graduating from the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University in 2011, this Vermilion native has already made her way into the national media world, becoming a member of a CBS sportscast as co-host of the network’s late-night show “Lead Off.”

Undoubtedly assiduous and driven, she’s one of those “sleep-is-for-the-weak” type of people, and this is clear when noting her experience at OU.

During her first two years at OU, LaForce played Division I basketball. She stopped playing her junior year when she began noticing all of the career-focused opportunities the campus had to offer.

After quitting basketball, she invested her time as a producer and anchor for WOUB’s “Bobcat Blitz,” a television program specializing in interviews, highlights and special features of the Bobcat football program. In addition to this, LaForce was a radio broadcaster for women’s basketball and a field reporter for Nike.

With her overachiever approach, LaForce simultaneously managed to write her thesis for HTC and serve at Red Brick Sports Pub, even graduating early.

“That’s just my mentality, to pack as many things in as I possibly can,” LaForce said.

After graduation, a culmination of countless journalistic experiences and a resolute passion for sports led La- Force straight to Fox 8 in Cleveland where she anchored “Friday Night Touchdown.” In 2011, she won an Emmy for anchoring.

After working for Fox, LaForce took a position with CBS in October 2012. Since then, she has been constantly traveling and reporting. She explained that each place she worked at was tailored to the specific sports of those locations. When she was at OU, she only reported college sports and while in Cleveland, she dealt only with Cleveland sports. “Lead Off,” however, gives her a chance to focus on all teams in an entire spectrum of sports.

Adjusting to the new position was a challenge, but she managed to adjust with some help from her co-host, Doug Gottlieb.

“Every day I am learning something new from him. He’s also really competitive and very strong with his opinions and beliefs, especially when it comes to sports teams. It’s been good for me to learn based off of his opinion but also learn how to counter an opinion.”

Right now, she doesn’t quite know where her career will take her, but she does know that she doesn’t want to be held down by a routine, one-dimensional job.

Her advice to aspiring journalists is not to paint a picture of the ideal first job in your head because it rarely turns out the way you plan.

However, as success becomes her, LaForce is confident yet humbled by all of the experiences she has had in a remarkably brief period of time.

As “LaForce” continues to trend, so does her notoriety. The nation was watching out for LaForce during March Madness, and she is sure to be seen at many more national sporting events in the future. Move out of the way, Andrews. There’s a new force in town.

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