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Parting thoughts from SAF president

By Mike Ramsey

As I leave my role as president, I feel good about things that we have accomplished and frustrated about things that have foundered. The centerpiece of organization, Senior Saturday, continues to be an excellent event that provides valuable advice to outgoing seniors about what to expect. In the past year, we launched the fund-raising effort for a scholarship to defray the costs of internships. I am very proud of that effort, and I hope it bears fruit and helps many students.

Mike Ramsey talks with JSchool senior Meghan Ventura at Senior Saturday 2010

The society also is planning a summer event next year in conjunction with the school to do retraining workshops for alumni in grammar and updates to computer and multimedia skills.

If there are people out there who want more from the society, start aggravating me. I might ask you to be on the board.

Editor’s note: Mike is an automotive reporter for The Wall Street Journal

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