Ohio Journalist

Louttit discusses career, experiences at Ohio University

By Catherine Roebuck

I also had a job as a design assistant with Ohio University Without Boundaries (a PACE position when I started), where I worked with a fantastic boss, Christopher Keesey, who was instrumental in my learning HTML, CSS, MovableType and the basics of what makes good design.

OJ: What is your advice to current students on how to get into the current job market?
L: Learn a skill (or two) that will make you rare in a newsroom. Learn JavaScript, PHP, MySql or even just CSS. Teach yourself about how servers operate. It might not be like this forever (I hope), but at this point in time, if you have a dedicated ability in some sort of tech language, not only will it make learning or operating within others easier, but you immediately make yourself a valuable part of the newsroom. Even just being a master with Photoshop or Excel can get you in. Know it and make sure other people know you know it.

With that said, have fun!

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