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Newer Campus Publications Updates

By Kate Irby, Sarah Maloy and Elizabeth Sheffield

(June 11, 2011) — If you haven’t been on campus (or the jschool’s website) in a few years, you probably missed the launch of several publications over the course of the past decade. Here are brief profiles of some of the publications that journalism students have started and continue to publish.


Created: 2010, First issue released

Spring quarter 2010

First editor-in-chief: Jamie Ratermann

Website hits: 51 per day

Staff Size: 250

Mission Statement: Thread magazine is the guidebook for encouraging the creation of a personal style through confident self-expression while showcasing Athens fashion culture. Also, we hope to highlight a fashion identity through activism and cultural influence.

College Green

Created: March 2009. Began regularly publishing in September 2009.

First editor-in-chief: Katherine Berick, ’10

Website hits: 75-125 per day

Staff size: 20

Mission Statement: “College Green is an independent publication that explores the environmental issues affecting Southeast Ohio. The publication strives to present our audience — Athens residents and students, staff, and faculty members of Ohio University — with interesting and informative stories about the environment…”


Created: 2007, First issue released Winter quarter 2008

First editor-in-chief: Ashley Luther

Circulation: 7,000 issues per quarter

Staff Size: 50-60

Mission Statement: Our magazine represents the iconic flavor of college life, with Ohio University as our backdrop. It informs, intrigues, entertains and reflects its readers in the Athens Community. The magazine coves the current issues, style, culture and feeling of college life as we live it.


Created: 2008

First editor-in-chief: Ian Bowman-Henderson

Website hits: 40-50 per day

Staff Size: 12

Mission Statement: INC is a publication of Ohio University’s Society of Professional Journalists. Our objective is to bring our audience all the best journalism news.


Created: September 2003

Website hits: 10-15 per day

Staff Size: 10

Mission Statement: The InterActivist is a local, progressive, non-profit publication in Athens and has been serving as a local alternative to right-wing, commercial and corporate-owned media for over five years.

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