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2011 Scripps Awards Banquet

By Sarah Maloy

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(June 11, 2011) — More than $100,000 was given out at the 2011 E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Banquet, held on May 11 in the Baker Center Ballroom. Incoming students, undergraduates and graduate students were all honored at the banquet, where awards were given out based on merit, organizational involvement, interests and other academic accomplishments, all to honor the students for their hard work and accomplishments.

Junior Emma Morehart attended the event to accept her scholarship, to be honored as a Scripps Ambassador and to be recognized for her work on the Ohio Sunshine Summit.

“I’m honored to have been able to attend two years in a row, and touched that the Scripps faculty took it upon themselves to support and honor the Sunshine Summit volunteers,” said Morehart, who received the Norman H. Dohn Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded in honor of a former professor by the Central Ohio Society of Professional Journalists chapter to an Ohio University student who is active in the campus SPJ chapter.

“The event always reminds me of the varied passions within this school, and how well the school caters to those passions,” Morehart said. “There is a lot of competition within this school, but it is nice that the faculty reward this hard work, whether through scholarships or simply nice words of praise.”

Faculty and alumni also were in attendance, and the OU graduates who had donated the funds presented some students their award certificates.

Public relations junior Alyssa Albertone was awarded the Frank Deaner Journalism Scholarship. “I thought I was really lucky, too, because Frank Deaner was actually present at the event so I had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting the person providing me with my scholarship.”

School of Journalism Director Bob Stewart interviewed many of the donating alumni and prepared a video of the interviews to be played before the award ceremony.

The banquet was not only an opportunity for students to connect with alumni, but also for journalism students of different ages and in different sequences to interact.

Freshman Sandhya Kambhampati, who was awarded the Ford Scholarship, said she took time during the banquet to talk with students who had been awarded scholarships to study abroad because she hopes to one-day work as a foreign correspondent.

“I met some of the people at the event who received the (Foreign Correspondence) award and they didn’t hesitate once to provide me with advice for the future,” she said. “Hearing all the exciting places they are traveling to makes me even more excited for my future.”

Kambhampati was surprised and honored to be selected as a scholarship recipient in her freshman year.

“I’m so happy that I got the chance to be among so many talented students and professors. It was so inspiring to hear about all the things that the JSchool students are a part of,” said Kambhampati, who plans to focus on broadcast journalism. “The event not only gave me inspiration for the future but also a greater understanding of what being a part of Scripps means.”

The banquet was an opportunity for friends and classmates within the School of Journalism to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and see each other be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments throughout the year.

“I left the event feeling very inspired and motivated by my peers,” said Sarah Grothjan, a sophomore who was awarded the Scripps Foundation Multimedia Scholarship. “There are many people within Scripps that I look up to and lean on for advice, and it’s a great experience to see those people rewarded. They are an integral part of this school, and I’m glad Scripps offers the chance for them to be recognized.”

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