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The Ohio Journalist — Graduate does time for refusing to testify

By Lisa Abraham

(March 19, 1994) — Until last October, the most action my journalism books saw since I left Ohio University was being packed and unpacked into moving cartons.

Reports in Warren

By Staff

(November 26, 1986) — Lisa Abraham, 85, is employed by the Warren (Ohio) Tribune-Chronicle, following an internship with the AP in Cairo.

Report on Ship Hijacking, Mexico Earthquake, Summit

By Nick Blizzard

(March 22, 1986) — It may appear to be only a three-credit course, but some of its more than 80 alumni have helped report such international events as the recent earthquake in Mexico, the Geneva summit meeting between the United States and the Soviet Union, apartheid in South Africa and the hijacking of the Achille Lauro.

Hijacking Incident Learning Experience

By Lisa Abraham

(March 22, 1986) — The Achille Lauro was hijacked on a Monday, at the start of my fourth week of work.

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