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The battle for truth: Journalists vs. the military

By Sharon Metzung

(November 25, 2003) — During times of war, the media and the military must interact and keep the public informed, even when conflicts and differences of opinion arise.

Anderson: The Power of Poetry

By Julie Russo

(June 13, 1998) — Terry Anderson’s road to academia in Athens has been paved with death, destruction and hard times.

A master at doing eight things at once

By Carolyn Richards

(December 1, 1992) — Professor Michael Bugeja not only excites learning in his students, he also excites the literary world with books, articles, and poetry.

J-School Honors Terry Anderson

By Staff

(June 13, 1992) — The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism will give special Carr Van Anda award to Terry Anderson, The victim of nearly seven years of activity in the Middle East.

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