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With UPI in LA

By Staff

(March 22, 1986) — Julie Benson, 83, is a sraff correspondent in the Los Angeles bureau of UPI.

Describes Coverage Of Mexico Earthquake

By Teresa Kramer

(March 22, 1986) — On the morning of Sept. 19, I was recovering from the late evening shift (at UPI), safe asleep in my hometucked way in the mountains circling the enormous metropolis.

Flashes from Classes Fall 1984

By Staff

(November 21, 1984) — What are alumni doing now?

9 Students Earn S-H Internships

By Staff

(August 1, 1983) — Ohio Universitys alliance with the Scripps Howard Foundations resulted in the awarding of nine students internships in summer 1983.

73 Graduates Serve As Foreign Correspondents

By Pamela Williams

(August 1, 1983) — The very successful foreign correspondent training program at Ohio University which has attracted international attention and respect has to date provided foreign assignments for 73 of its graduates.

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