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Putting it All Together

By Danielle Hale

(December 1, 2015) — Capstone coursework produces real results.

Borghese’s Trade Marks

By Rachel Sheehy

(December 1, 2015) — His bright ideas build brands with personality.

The Ohio Journalist — The Challenge of Change

Story and Design by: Jen Evans, Andy Kane and Angie Weaver

(August 29, 2008) — New graduates and seasoned veterans try to drag the benefits of “old media” into a fast-changing industry

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The challenge of change

Jen Evans, Magazine sequence, Andy Kane, Magazine sequence, and Angie Weaver, Magazine sequence

(July 31, 2008) — The ways we use our degrees are changing as much as the industry itself. Are we in transition? Decline? Students, alumni and professionals weigh in.

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