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Graduates find rewards as educators

By Amy B. Potts

(March 19, 1994) — When students graduate from Ohio University with a degree in journalism, they typically take one of three paths.

Heres What Faculty Has Been Doing

By Staff

(August 1, 1983) — Ralph Izard put a lot of time into organizing a court-reporting seminar and First Amendment congress held on campus during the spring.

J-School Faculty Augment Teaching

By Katie Foley

(August 1, 1981) — Keeping with longstanding tradition, School of Journalism faculty members were busy this past year.

Russell Baird Retires

By Staff

(August 1, 1981) — After 30 years of helping thousands of Ohio University journalism students grow and prosper, Russell Baird is doing the same with Christmas trees.


By Staff

(June 9, 1979) — The winning of 10 prizes in regional competition and the production of a publication sent to all Ohio University prospective freshmen highlighted the year for the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi.

Faculty Notes 1976

By Staff

(June 12, 1976) — Ralph E. Kliesch and his family will leave for Ghana late this summer.

Faculty Notes 1975

By Staff

(June 7, 1975) — J.W. Click and Russell N. Baird have written a new book, Magazine Editing and Production, to be published in June by the William Brown Co., Dubuque, Iowa.

Job Scene Brighter

By Staff

(June 7, 1975) — The job picture for graduating journalism students is a bit brighter in 1974 than the last couple of years, according to J.W. Click, who coordinates placement for the School of Journalism.


By Staff

(June 12, 1971) — Eight members of the school of Journalism faculty attended the Association for Education in Journalism at Berkley in August.

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