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Multimedia Lab Offers Advanced Technology

By Sarah Coleman

(March 15, 2002) — The Scripps Howard Multimedia Lab opened its doors in October to students enrolled in the College of Communication.

Athensi.com Celebrates Its First Anniversary

By Sarah Coleman

(March 15, 2002) — Athensi.com, a Web site created exclusively for Athens, Ohio, celebrated its first anniversary Feb. 5.

Swain Races Through the Web

By Sarah Coleman

(March 16, 2001) — Karrie Swain (BSJ ’99) was raised on a dairy farm in Gallispolis, Ohio, but never expected to work with four-legged animals for part of her career.

Jones is “Geek to Sheik” Guru

By Sarah Coleman

(November 21, 2000) — Jen Jones’ (BSJ ’98) name mirrors her job as the Web site editor and designer for the Jenny Jones Show out of Chicago.

Klein: For the Love of the Job

By Sarah Coleman

(March 17, 2000) — Robbery was far from Nancy Klein’s (BSJ ’85) mind in April 1997.


By Sarah Coleman

(November 23, 1999) — Who is the graphics art director for Scrambl-Gram Incorporated?

Gilbert in the ‘Place to Be’

By Sarah Coleman

(June 12, 1999) — A studio apartment in Manhattan just steps away from Central Park — this is Jenny Gilbert’s (MSJ ’94) “place to be.”

Hoffman and DeVivo Write into the Winners’ Circle

By Sarah Coleman

(March 20, 1999) — Dean Hoffman (BSJ ’71) and Joe DeVivo (BSJ ’74) deal with fast boys and smooth girls every day of their lives.

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