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Faculty News 2008

By Jimmy Smith

(August 29, 2008) — Frith wins HTC Distinguished Mentor Award / Prof. Dan Riffe accepts named professorship at UNC

In Press

By Staff

(August 29, 2008) — Publications and presentations by faculty members of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

Professors go abroad, gain international perspective

By Josh Blair

(August 25, 2006) — Learning about foreign countries and different cultures is an important aspect in understanding how the world communicates, and four Scripps professors recently traveled abroad to take an in-depth look at this global process.

Two honored for service to AEJMC

By Staff

(August 25, 2006) — Two Scripps professors were honored last August for their long service to the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, the nation’s largest organization for journalism professors.

Graduate program has new director

By Lindsay Crawford

(November 25, 2002) — As of Sept. 1, Professor Anne Cooper-Chen replaced Daniel Riffe as the associate director of graduate studies for research of the journalism school.

The Ohio Journalist – Cooper-Chen Explores East-West TV Coverage

By Adrienne Gavula

(November 19, 2001) — “Driving on the left changes your perspective on everything,” said Anne Cooper-Chen.

Class Notes Spring 1999

By Staff

(June 12, 1999) — What are alumni doing now?

Sing Tao Center

By Staff

(March 21, 1998) — Visiting Academic Researcher (1996-1997) Suying Liou stands in front of the new Sing Tao Center.

Construction Completed On Sing Tao Center

By Eden Pacernick

(June 8, 1996) — Construction has been completed on Sing Tao Center, home of the Institute of International Journalism.

Faculty & School Briefs 1995

By Gretchen Joos

(March 18, 1995) — Professor Michael Bugeja received the Ohio Poetry Day Associations poet of the year award for his recently published book titled After Oz.

6 top journalism student land foreign assignments

By Staff

(December 1, 1989) — Six OU students were awarded internships under the John Wilhelm Foreign Correspondence Internship Program in 1989, the 19th year of the program and its first since Wilhelms retirement.

Faculty Notes Winter 1989

By Staff

(March 18, 1989) — Professor Russell Baird has just completed work on the fifth edition of Magazine Editing & Production with J.W. Click (William C. Brown, publisher).

Proficiency Test is a Right Rite of Passage

By Andrew Ross

(March 18, 1989) — Sitting in Morton Hall auditorium for two hours trying to pick the correct replacement for a grammatically incorrect phrase has become a rite of passage for all OU journalism students.

Faculty activities Spring Summer 1988

By Staff

(August 20, 1988) — Michael Bugeja, associate professor, has been named University Professor for 1988-89.

Wedding Bells Ring for Scott, Anne Cooper

By Staff

(November 26, 1986) — Wedding bells rang for two faculty members during the summer

Guest Speakers Enrich Classes

By Staff

(March 22, 1986) — Each quarter teachers invite guests to speak to their classes and advisors of student organizations ask guest speakers to present programs at the meetings of the organizations.

Two Join Faculty

By Anilda Carrasquillo

(March 22, 1986) — Two new faculty membersone with research and international communication credentials, the other with broadcasting backgroundjoined the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at the beginning of the fall quarter.

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