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Bobcats Who sticktogether

By Corinne Cox

(March 17, 2000) — Two former Ohio University students have gone from college friends to co-workers at one of the leading marketing, communication and public relations firms in the Midwest.

Rovito’s Dream Job

By Corinne Cox

(November 23, 1999) — Most people do not expect to get their dream job after being out of school for only three years.

Caution – Hard Hat Journalism

By Corinne Cox

(March 20, 1999) — Job Description: Operating heavy machinery, including bulldozers, front loaders and backhoes.

Marty Kufus: Reporter, Firefighter, Survival Guide

By Corinne Cox

(November 25, 1998) — A flame burns under Marty Kufus, and his fire hose doesnt extinguish it.

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