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The Ohio Journalist – How do we stack up?

By Lindsay Crawford, Jessica Moorman
Photos by Tyler Barrick

(June 9, 2004) — While unofficial rankings capture the headlines, OU’s J-school focuses more on accreditation as the standard for comparison.

Washington Monthly founder receives Carr Van Anda Award

By Lindsay Crawford

(November 25, 2003) — Dozens of journalism professors and students watched as Washington Monthly founder Charles Peters received the 2003 Carr Van Anda Award on May 1.

Magazine coach

By Lindsay Crawford

(November 25, 2003) — Visiting pro offers insider view of magazine industry

Recent grads recognized for excellence

By Lindsay Crawford

(November 25, 2003) — ‘Rising Start’ and Outstanding Graduating Senior from Scripps

Scripps Alumnus winner of Young Leaders Scholarship

By Lindsay Crawford

(November 25, 2003) — The American Society of Business Publication Editors recently named Darin Painter, managing editor of Print Solutions magazine, as one of the five winners of the Young Leaders Scholarship, which is open to editors 30 and younger.

Graduate program has new director

By Lindsay Crawford

(November 25, 2002) — As of Sept. 1, Professor Anne Cooper-Chen replaced Daniel Riffe as the associate director of graduate studies for research of the journalism school.

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