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The Ohio Journalist — The Challenge of Change

Story and Design by: Jen Evans, Andy Kane and Angie Weaver

(August 29, 2008) — New graduates and seasoned veterans try to drag the benefits of “old media” into a fast-changing industry

J-School pushes new curriculum ideas

By Callista Conzett

(August 29, 2008) — In recent years, the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism has made a number of curriculum changes that are better preparing students for careers in the constantly shifting field of journalism.

Faculty News 2008

By Jimmy Smith

(August 29, 2008) — Frith wins HTC Distinguished Mentor Award / Prof. Dan Riffe accepts named professorship at UNC

In Press

By Staff

(August 29, 2008) — Publications and presentations by faculty members of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

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The challenge of change

Jen Evans, Magazine sequence, Andy Kane, Magazine sequence, and Angie Weaver, Magazine sequence

(July 31, 2008) — The ways we use our degrees are changing as much as the industry itself. Are we in transition? Decline? Students, alumni and professionals weigh in.

Debatin beats sickness, gains new outlook on life

By Joe Rudemiller

(March 17, 2006) — We’re often told that you never really know what you have until it’s gone.

Three professors take on new administrative responsibilities

By Cheryl Sadler

(March 17, 2006) — Although Scripps faculty members dedicate their time to teaching, conducting research and advising students and organizations, some help with administrative duties in the school and the university.

Plugged into the future

By Sarah Bearce

(November 25, 2002) — Scripps School launches new Online Journalism Sequence

Debatin Adds New Meaning to ‘Normal’

By Emily Mueller

(March 16, 2001) — An average day for Dr. Bernhard Debatin begins with the normal routine &mdash shower, breakfast and caring for his 14-month old son, Sam.

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