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Class Notes Winter 1996

By Angela Hazlett

(March 16, 1996) — What are alumni doing now?

Soviet coup thrusts grad to forefront

By Joe Thompson

(June 1, 1993) — While Russian military leaders were forcing their troops to oust Mikahil Gorbachev, Brian Friedman and Ohio University alumnus and former editor of The Post, led troops of his own into the streets of Moscow.

Yup. Im still alive and well.

By Staff

(June 13, 1992) — What are alumni doing now?

Flashes from Classes Fall 1988

By Staff

(November 23, 1988) — What are alumni doing now?

With AP in New York 1986

By Staff

(November 26, 1986) — Brian, Friedman, 78, is with AP in New York.

Donors to the School of Journalism

By Staff

(August 24, 1985) — Donors to the School of Journalism

73 Graduates Serve As Foreign Correspondents

By Pamela Williams

(August 1, 1983) — The very successful foreign correspondent training program at Ohio University which has attracted international attention and respect has to date provided foreign assignments for 73 of its graduates.

Flashes from the Classes August 1980

By Staff

(August 1, 1980) — What are alumni doing now?

Overseas Work Continues

By Staff

(June 9, 1979) — Five more top students will participate in overseas internships this summer.

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