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Hodges Handles it All

By Linda Gdovka

(March 22, 1997) — Thomas Hodges has taught at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism for 16 years.

Pariscope: Swardson Views the World Through a Foreign Lens

By Linda Gdovka

(November 27, 1996) — Paris is a modern city with a rich history, a never-ending nightlife, wonderful wines and 357 varieties of cheese.

Baker Wows the Crowd in Cyberspace

By Linda Gdovka

(June 8, 1996) — Many people dont understand computers, but theres one man who not only knows his way around a computer, but can navigate through space.

Peregrin Creates Art Worth Mailing

By Linda Gdovka

(November 22, 1995) — Debbie Mullin Peregrin (BSJ ’83) is one person who knows there’s more to mail order catalogs than what we see in our mailboxes.

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