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Rovito Gets her Wings

By Annette Huffman

(June 14, 1997) — Since graduation, Lisa Marie Rovito (BSJ ’95) has reached a new height in her magazine career — assistant editor at Angels on Earth, a Gudieposts publication.

Brown Striving to be the Best

By Annette Huffman

(March 22, 1997) — After interviewing Michael Jordan last summer, Jason Brown (BSJ ’94) said he is committed to being the best that he can be in broadcasting.

Maio: Traveling for the trade

By Annette Huffman

(November 27, 1996) — Patrick Maio (MSJ ’82) has dipped his feet in the water with news writing professions on both coasts.

Defending Tradition

By Annette Huffman

(March 16, 1996) — When Colonel Terry Leedom (BSJ 60) was in Berlin filming war footage for the U.S. Army, he never thought that years later he would be involved in a Supreme Court Case.

Grad gets his share of air time

By Annette M. Huffman

(November 23, 1994) — Dan Alphers career is flying high, literally.

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