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Change Ties Together Domestic and International Journalism

By Martha Izard

(June 14, 1997) — Domestic and international journalism are both important in today’s world and are being grouped together more and more.

Sonya Pfeiffer in Love – (with her job!)

By Martha Izard

(March 22, 1997) — Being out of college for less than two years has not stopped Sonya Pfeiffer from moving up in the highly competitive ranks of broadcast journalism.

Webmaster Uses Basic Skills for Today’s Technology

By Martha Izard

(November 27, 1996) — Even though Jay Fetterman (BSJ ’91) deals daily with the technological advancements of the internet and the web, he says he one thing that is the most useful to him is his basic news writing skills.

Homecoming 1987

By Staff
Photos by TaMORAH

(November 25, 1987) — Quite a few alumni returned to Athens for the parade, game and School of Journalism reception.

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