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More balls flying than hands to hold ‘em

By Meryl Smith and Courtney Miller

(August 29, 2008) — Bust Scripps student learns the art of juggling multiple commitments

Ad club nabs national title

By Courtney Miller

(August 29, 2008) — The OU Ad Association has long competed in the annual National Student Advertising Competition.

Student bring coursework to life with Backdrop

By Courtney Miller

(August 29, 2008) — A small group of Ohio University undergraduates saw a void in the media landscape of Athens, so they drew from their classroom training to produce a new publication: the entirely student-produced Backdrop magazine, which premiered on campus on Feb. 25.

Students’ football show wins Emmy awards

By Courtney Miller

(August 29, 2008) — Athens, Ohio may not have the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but it is still glittered with Emmy Award winners.

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