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Longevity of spirit

By Tim Pappa

(June 12, 2003) — Scripps planner and associate professor steps down after 30 years of service to OU journalism school

Sing Tao Center

By Staff

(March 21, 1998) — Visiting Academic Researcher (1996-1997) Suying Liou stands in front of the new Sing Tao Center.

An Associate Director’s Work is Never Done

By Jennifer N. Coleman

(March 16, 1996) — Associate Director Tom Peters regards joining the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism as the best move I ever made.

J-School initiates programs aimed at industry diversity

By Staff

(August 20, 1988) — The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism has started work on various initiatives aimed at improving ethnic and racial diversity in the newspaper business.

Party Honors Evarts, Peters

By Staff

(November 26, 1986) — Dean Emeritus John Wilhelm and his wife Peggy hosted an outdoor party on the terrace of their home, honoring two faculty members for their efforts in overseeing the renovation and dedication of E.W. Scripps Hall.

School Occupies New Facilities

By Sharon Hatfield

(March 22, 1986) — Nearly 900 undergraduate and graduate students are now attending winter quarter classes in spacious E.W. Scripps Hall, the newly renovated home of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Faculty Does More Than Teach

By Staff

(March 22, 1986) — Members of the faculty of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism consider teaching their primary responsibility.

Tributes, Remembrances Offered

By Staff

(March 22, 1986) — Memorial services were held for Cortland Anderson at Galbreath Chapel with President Charles J. Ping officiating.

Faculty Activities Summer 1985

Compiled by John Cramer

(August 24, 1985) — Guido H. Stempel III, in his 13th year as editor of Journalism Quarterly, continued to do research with Hugh Culbertson.

The Building

By Charles Pinyan

(August 24, 1985) — With everything from skylights to floor coverings and computers to doorknobs already selected, Scrupps Hall is making steady progress toward being ready to house the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, said Tom Peters, the schools associate director.

Higher Standards For OU Journalists

By Cortland Anderson

(November 21, 1984) — Despite a sharp decline in the pool of young people of college age, freshman journalism enrollment for 1984-85 is up about 25 percent.

Heres What Faculty Has Been Doing

By Staff

(August 1, 1983) — Ralph Izard put a lot of time into organizing a court-reporting seminar and First Amendment congress held on campus during the spring.

J-School Faculty Augment Teaching

By Katie Foley

(August 1, 1981) — Keeping with longstanding tradition, School of Journalism faculty members were busy this past year.

New Faculty 1975

By Staff

(June 7, 1975) — New faculty members in the School of Journalism this year are Dru Riley Evarts and Thomas W. Peters.

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