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Reaching Out With Public Relations

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(June 10, 1995) — After a busy day working with reporters from People magazine to the Athens Messenger, one might expect to find Gary Snyder (BSJ 86) relaxing in his Athens home.

Big Apple Experience Second to None

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(March 18, 1995) — Toughing it out in the big city for a few years may be the key to a successful and exciting career in public relations, OU graduate Daniel Leinweber says.

Battin soars to new heights in marketing

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(June 11, 1994) — An eclectic career at Ohio University has helped put one alumnus on the front lines of the newest trend in the marketing industry.

Alum takes risk, gets rewards

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(November 24, 1993) — A combination of good timing, market downsizing, and a willingness to take a risk lead an Ohio University alumnus to trade in his national agency position for the life of an entrepreneur.

Celebrates 25 Years

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(June 1, 1993) — Long-time sports writer honored for what I enjoy.

Corporate satire is music to his ears

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(March 1, 1993) — Ohio University alumnus Al Galletly has transformed his love for music into a second career in corporate entertainment.

OU alumnus Van Gordon Sauter to lead Fox Network news

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(December 1, 1992) — Van Gordon Sauter, the man who was twice president of CBS News, has been named the new president of Fox News, Fox Inc.

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