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Changing America Fails to Daunt Cramer

By Mary Rinkoski

(March 15, 2002) — From covering Richard Nixon to events surrounding the World Trade Center attacks, Sam Cramer (BSJ 58) pen has followed several key events in nearly 50 years of American history.

Gump Leads Knight Editing Program

By Mary Rinkoski

(March 15, 2002) — As Ohio University’s Knight professor of news editing, Deborah Gump works to improve the resources and education of copy editors, both in the classroom and in the newsroom.

Stewart Takes Helm of Institute for International Journalism

By Mary Rinkoski

(November 19, 2001) — Settling into his new seat as director of the Institute for International Journalism (IIJ), Robert Stewart will now serve as the bridge between the Scripps community and the world.

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