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Class Notes Winter 2006

By Staff

(March 17, 2006) — What are alumni doing now?

Class Notes Fall 2000

By Staff

(November 21, 2000) — What are alumni doing now?

Rosenberg’s Adrenaline Runs High at the Akron Beacon-Journal

By Carisa Reeves

(November 25, 1998) — The daily deadlines, the fast pace and the excitement keep Arnie Rosenberg (BSJ ’72) involved in newspaper editing and reporting.

Alumni Homecoming reception picture

By Staff

(November 23, 1988) — Don Lambert and Arnie Rosenberg, BSJ 72, talk about the OU 110 at the alumni Homecoming reception.

Flashes From Classes August 1981

By Staff

(August 1, 1981) — What are alumni up to now?

Alumni News Notes 1977

By Staff

(June 11, 1977) — What are alumni doing now?

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