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Cohn Celebrates 35 Years of Softball and Hard Questions

By Julie Russo

(November 25, 1998) — Al Cohn (BSJ 60) asks the hard questions.

Anderson: The Power of Poetry

By Julie Russo

(June 13, 1998) — Terry Anderson’s road to academia in Athens has been paved with death, destruction and hard times.

Steel in Blood Drives Tedeschi

By Julie Russo

(March 21, 1998) — Recycling is more popular than democracy.

Small Paper Provides Miller with Big Opportunities

By Julie Russo

(June 14, 1997) — Like many news editing graduates, Caroline Miller (BSJ ’96) found herself writing for a small newspaper after graduation.

Brasch’s Secret Formula: Pizza and Hard Work

By Julie Russo

(March 22, 1997) — If Walter Brasch (Ph.D. ’74) were to make M&Ms, he’d probably skip the candy coating.

Kridel Finds Her Niche in News Radio

By Julie Russo

(November 27, 1996) — In Kris Kridel’s final year at OU, the aftermath of the Kent State shootings and rioting on college campuses across the country caused the cancellation of commencement exercises.

Children’s Market Attracts Van Hook and Muldrow

By Julie Russo

(June 8, 1996) — Magazine writing is not kids’ stuff.

Campaign PR Spells Excitement

By Julie Russo

(March 16, 1996) — Right now, Amy McKinley is thinking on her feet, feet which have not had a moment’s rest all day.

Bauman Blazes Trails in Journalism and Snow

By Julie Russo

(November 22, 1995) — Being in five plane crashes in a two-and-a-half-week period would be enough to cause most people to hand up their travel attire.

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