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Three professors take on new administrative responsibilities

By Cheryl Sadler

(March 17, 2006) — Although Scripps faculty members dedicate their time to teaching, conducting research and advising students and organizations, some help with administrative duties in the school and the university.

Hurricane hits home for some faculty members

By Cheryl Sadler

(March 17, 2006) — Media coverage of Gulf Coast disaster serves as lesson for Scripps students

Ethics guru says professionalism is key

By Cheryl Sadler

(August 26, 2005) — Professionals in various fields wear white coats to distinguish themselves from nonprofessionals.

Forum promotes ‘B2B’ journalism

By Cheryl Sadler

(March 18, 2005) — The American Business Media University Forum visited Ohio University on Oct. 26 to discuss journalistic opportunities in business-to-business media.

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