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Kirschman Represents Courageous Clients

By Kevin A. Schneider

(June 8, 2000) — Whether persuading juries in a courtroom or readers through theater and book reviews, Scott Kirschman (BSJ ’85) strives to make an impact in others’ lives.

Capozzi Steps Up to the Plate with some Big names

By Kevin Schneider

(March 17, 2000) — Less than two months after a small-town government reporter yawned through a debate about sewage and water issues, he was wiping champagne from his brow during the locker-room celebration of a newly crowned World.

Lazear Leaps to Reporting Prominence

By Kevin Schneider

(November 23, 1999) — Two years after graduation, broadcast news reporter Anne Lazear (BSJ ’98) is chasing down hurricanes for WSAV-TV, an NBC affiliate in Savannah, Ga.

Schmidt’s and Neal’s Career Paths Go Full Circle

By Kevin Schneider

(June 12, 1999) — A sports writing duo that was first formed at an independent daily newspaper in Athens is teamed up again at one of the premier metropolitan newspapers in Ohio.

Guylon’s Life Painted by Versatility

By Kevin Schneider

(March 20, 1999) — Although she learned many valuable journalism skills at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, confidence was the most crucial asset that Lisa (Northcutt) Guyton (BSJ ’80) said that she gained from attending OU.

Three Strikes, You’re IN

By Kevin Schneider

(November 25, 1998) — When his career as a professional journalist began, Jeff Fletcher (BSJ ’92) certainly did not expect to be interviewing baseball superstars such as Barry Bonds anytime in the near future.

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