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The Ohio Journalist – Assad and Wherle Shuffle Off to Buffalo

By Jonathan Shoemaker

(November 27, 1996) — Two recent graduates of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism have become instant fans of the Buffalo Bills.

Pattison Brings Award-Winning Skills To Seattle

By Jonathan Shoemaker

(June 8, 1996) — After 22 years in journalism, Neal Pattison (BSJ ’74) knows that is means to be flexible.

Bednarski Finds Home at Electronic Media

By Jonathan Shoemaker

(March 16, 1996) — From being editor of OU’s daily, The Post, to be entertainment editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, P.J. Berdnarski has built an impressive resume.

Romance Means Success for Sobolak

By Jonathan Shoemaker

(November 22, 1995) — Since she was a student librarian at her elementary school, Adrienne Sobolak has enjoyed reading Romantic suspense novels.

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